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Recreational Craft

General Information 

Requirements for Latvian recreational crafts are prescribed in regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers Nr. 201 “Regulation on Recreational Craft safety” issued on 25 March 2008 (Regulation 201) and regulation of the COM Nr. 27 issued on 12 January 2016 “Regulations Regarding Building, Conformity Assessment and Making Available on the Market of Recreational Craft and Personal Watercraft (Regulation 27).

Recreational crafts should be equipped according to the requirements of Regulations 27 and 201 depending from the design categories of the craft and planned sailing area (A-ocean, B-offshore, C-inshore, D-sheltered waters) and depending from the pattern of use – recreational or commercial purpose.

Self built Recreational Crafts for private use may be registered in Latvian Ship Register if built under supervision of MSI in compliance of Regulation 201. Such crafts can be sold in EU market not earlier as 5 years after the building is completed.

Pre-registration Inspection

Recreational craft must be inspected before registration in Latvian Ship Register. The owner submits to the Maritime Safety Inspectorate (MSI) ship documents and MSI inspects the vessel. The technical conditions of the craft and compliance of the equipment to the requirements of Regulations 27 and 201 are verified. For crafts intended for commercial use Trade Certificate has been issued. Recreational crafts used for commercial purposes must be inspected periodically every two years.

Periodical inspections

Every recreational craft registered for commercial use must be inspected by MSI periodically every two years, to endorse the validity of the Recreational Craft Trade Certificate. During the inspection the recreational craft and documentation will be inspected, to check the compliance to the Regulations.