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Verification of Certificates

The official online verification allows to verify the STCW certificate of competence, the STCW certificate of proficiency and the Endorsement of recognition issued by the Latvian Registry of Seamen.

If you are unable to access the online verification, please contact directly us by e-mail

For requests regarding verification of authenticity of other certificates issued by the Latvian Registry of Seamen, please send the following details to the e-mail

  • Full name of holder of the certificate (Name and Surname)
  • Date of birth (
  • Certificate number  
  • Date of issue 
  • Date of expiry (if applicable)
  • Endorsement number (if applicable)
  • Date of issue 
  • Date of expiry
  • STCW regulation  
  • Capacity<

All information must be identical to the certificate.

Latvian Registry of Seamen also needs information regarding who is making the request and the purpose of the verification.