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Procedure of Issue of Seaman's Discharge Book

About Seaman’s Discharge Book

Seaman’s Discharge Book is a seafarer's identity and travel document in accordance with requirements of ILO Seafarers' Identity Documents Convention, 1958.
Seaman’s Discharge Book is issued to a registered seafarer who is employed for service on a ship involved in international shipping and who has a personal identity document issued by Latvian authorities, to foreigners – a permanent identity document issued by a foreign authority and a permanent residence permit issued by Latvian authorities. Seaman’s Discharge Book is issued to persons studying at maritime educational institutions and assigned to do in-service training on a vessel.

Note! If seafarer’s name, surname, nationality, personal identity number, date of birth and place of birth are changed, the Seaman’s Discharge Book is invalidated and it must be exchanged within 30 days after receiving of the new identification document.

Procedure of Issue

The seaman's book is issued on the basis of a seafarer's application prepared in the Latvians Registry of Seamen.

Photographing for a Seaman's Discharge Book takes place in the Latvians Registry of Seamen on the 1st floor in the Information Room (No. 7a). In case of an extraordinary situation (if for technical reasons, it is impossible to make a photo), the seaman should submit a photograph that meets the requirements for passports (the size of the photograph should be 35x45mm).

Person employed by a foreign shipping company which does not have agency in Latvia, can apply for a Seaman’s Discharge Book:

  • If the person is registered in the database of the Latvians Registry of Seamen;
  • Based on foreign shipping company request.

Latvian citizens and non-citizens acquiring accredited and approved maritime education program in a foreign country that is IMO memberstate, can apply for a Seaman’s Discharge Book based on a reference issued by the aforesaid educational institution. 

Note! If the Seaman’s Discharge Book is not taken within 2 months after submission of the documents to the Registry of Seamen, the seafarer will be forced to re-submit the documents (including payment)

Registry of Seamen do not issue the Seaman’s Discharge Book if:

  • Necessary documents are not submitted or the seafarer refuses to give explanations, which are related to the receipt of the Seaman’s Discharge Book;
  • The seafarer has submitted invalid documents;
  • The seafarer by a court judgement has been found guilty of a serious or very serious crime;
  • Seafarer, crew manning company or educational institution have given false information;
  • Issuing institution does not confirm authenticity of the submitted documents.