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HELCOM project

Latvian Hydrographic Service takes active part in realization of the HELCOM project.HELCOM Re-Survey – systematic re-surveying of major shipping routes and ports of the Baltic Sea.

The HELCOM recommendation 22E/5 signed in Copenhagen in 2001, obligates every Baltic state to re-survey the main ship routes. To fulfill the HELCOM recommendations, Latvia from its side has decided to re-survey the main ship routes from the three biggest ports, including Irbe strait. These stages being completed, the main ship routes to the small ports are planned to be resurveyed.

International Hydrographic Organization regional commission (BSHC) has established working group that developed scheme of measurements of main shipping routes and routes to ports, as well as developed plan of measurements. Deapth mesurements are carried out according to IHO standard S-44. Realization of the plan was started in 2003 and it is coordinated between neighbour states.

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