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Deletion from the Register

Latvian ship may be deleted from Latvian Ship Registry upon the submission of an application by the Owner in order of the same:

  • To be registered in a foreign registry;
  • Has encountered total loss.

A ship registered on the basis of a bareboat charter shall be deleted from Latvian Ship Registry:

  • Where the foreign registry revokes its consent for the parallel-in registration in Latvian Ship Registry;
  • In case of termination of the bareboat charter;
  • Upon the lapse of the period of time for which the bareboat-in registration was approved.

Required documents:

  • Completed application by the owner. Application must be made as a notarial act;
  • Written consent of ship’s mortgagees, if any;
  • Originals of Registration certificates issued by LSR;
  • Copy of Bill of Sale (in case of sale);
  • Cancelation of ships Call-sign issued by Electronic Communication Office.

A deletion certificate is issued s soon as the registered mortgages and other encumbrances are discharged and all matters pending with the Registry, including financial obligations, are settled.
The Registrar of Ships shall cancel all ship’s certificates and delete the ship from LSR upon the information that the ship is already registered in a foreign registry (except bareboat-in/out registration).