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Registration of EPIRB

Registration of Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) is carried out by the Maritime Safety Inspectorate (MSI) of the Maritime Administration of Latvia in accordance with the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers 2016 Regulation No. 30 “Regulations for the use and maintenance of ship’s radio and navigation equipment” ( “Kuģu radio un navigācijas aprīkojuma izmantošanas un apkalpošanas noteikumi”) Chapter 5.
The shipowner delivers to MSI the filled forms which you can find on the right side.
The shipowner presents the annual testing document (according to Cabinet of Ministers Regulations and IMO MSC/Circ.1040) and the programming verification document of EPIRB to the MSI.
After the verification of documents the MSI prepares Registration Card for EPIRB.
Filled forms as well as annual testing document and programming verification document can be sent as scanned copies with condition that their originals will be delivered to the MSI while receiving Registration Card for EPIRB.