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Practice Computer Based Test

Latvian Registry of Seamen offers a paid service - an opportunity to take a computerized practice test (CBT) prior a competency assessment. This payed serve is provided for those seafarers who have to take a computerized test to obtain a qualification certificate.

The Procedure of Practice CBT 

  • The practice CBT is a computerized test, which has the same content, number and time as an examination CBT.
  • The practice CBT provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the examination procedure, to test professional knowledge and to identify the possible necessity of improving these knowledge, but it does not provide the advantage while the qualification obtaining.
  • To take the practice CBT a receipt confirming payment must be shown.
  • Inspector of examination class launches CBT program in accordance with the qualification and familiarize with procedure.
  • During the CBT seafarer may only use the Registry of Seamen offered aids. If necessary, inspectors of examination class provides technical assistance during the practice CBT.
  • A seafarer must observe the internal rules.
  • On completion the practice CBT the results are printed and presented (CBT results are not handed).
  • Seafarer has an opportunity to take practice CBT no limited times paying a fee in accordance with the approved price list.

CBT Subjects

  Deck Department OOW CH/OFF MASTER
1 Celestial Navigation V V V
2 Compasses, Steering Control V    
3 Fire Prevention & Basic Fire Fighting V    
4 Ice Breaker Operations     V
5 ISM Code V V V
6 Keeping a Navigational Watch, Routeing V V V
7 Maintain a Safe Navigational Watch, COLREG, Buoyage V V V
8 MARPOL (Pollution Prevention Requirements) V V V
9 Meteorology V V V
10 Monitor Compliance With Legislative Requirements V V V
11 Radar Navigation V V V
12 Respond to Emergencies V V V
13 Ship Construction V V  
14 Ship Manoeuvring & Handling V V V
15 Shipmaster's Business   V V
16 Stability V V V
17 Terrestrial & Coastal Navigation V V V


  Engine Department EOOW 2ENG CH/ENG
1 Characteristics of Electrical Systems & Equipment V V V
2 Control Trim, Stability and Stress   V V
3 Diagnose & Correct Equipment Malfunctions   V V
4 Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting V V V
5 ISM code V V V
6 Main Propulsion Turbines & Boilers V V V
7 Maintain Marine Engineering & Control Systems V V V
8 Manage Fuel & Ballast Operations   V V
9 MARPOL (Pollution Prevention Requirements) V V V
10 Monitor Compliance With Legislative Requirements V    
11 Operate Alternators & Generators V V V
12 Operate Auxiliary Machinery & Control Systems V V V
13 Operate Electrical & Electronic Equipment   V V
14 Operate Main Machinery & Control Systems V V V
15 Operate Pumping Systems V V V
16 Operate, Monitor & Evaluate Engine Performance   V V
17 Plan and Schedule Operations   V V
18 Ship Construction V    
19 Hand & Power Tools for Fabrications & Repair V