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Pricelist for MLC verification

In addition to the below mentioned rates, the client also covers residence and transport expenses arising when providing paid services. Maritime Administration of Latvia calculates these expenses in accordance with Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 969 dated 12 October 2010 and issues relevant bill.

VAT shall be added to the price of services in accordance with the “Law on application of VAT”.

No. Service Unit Price excluding VAT (EUR)
1. Vessel MLC certification

Interim inspection

time 800.00
1.2. Initial inspection applying respective coefficients depending on the type of vessels *    
1.2.1. Vessels up to 5000 GT time 1000.00
1.2.2. Additionally for every forthcoming 5000 GT time 40.00
1.3. Intermediate inspection time 60% of the sum of Interim and Initial audit
1.4. Renewal inspection time 80% of the sum of Interim and Initial audit
1.5. Additional inspection time Price of Initial audit is applied
1.6. DMLC part II examination and approval time 300.00

* High-speed cargo craft, bulker, oil, chemical and gas tankers – 1,5
Passenger ship, high-sped passenger craft – 2.0,
Other cargo ship – 1,0.